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35mm Slide Viewer

Do you have boxes of slides but no way to view them? You don't need grandpa's old slide projector, a 35mm slide viewer is the way to view your slides without the hassle of setting up a screen!

35mm Slide Viewer - A 35mm slide viewer allows the user to view a slide without a screen and projector. The easiest way to explain a slide viewer is to think of it as a viewmaster - remember those? Almost every kid had a viewmaster growing up. Remember, you put a reel of pictures in and looked through the eye piece to view them? Well, a 35mm slide viewer is very similar to that. You simply put the slide you want to view into the device and hold it up to your eyes and there it is! A 35mm slide viewer is very helpful when you are going through a box of slides and you need to view them quickly to put them in order, etc.

Slide viewers have actually been around for quite some time. I came across a box of slides in my grandparents things and there was a slide viewer in the box. Today you can find many different types of 35mm slide viewers on the market, from small hand held models to large table top versions. What type you get all depends on what you are looking for in a slide viewer. But beware, some of the lower cost versions are almost too small to work with!

35mm Slide Viewer Models

We will take a look at a few viewers that are highly rated by consumers. Most of the slide viewers we will look at are fairly inexpensive. Since very few people are using slides these days, most of these viewers will be used to sort old slides before converting the slides to digital. So there is very little reason to spend a lot of money on a 35mm slide viewer!

First of all we have the Pana-Vue #2 - 35mm Slide viewer. This compact 35mm slide viewer is a favorite among consumers. The slide viewer is 35mm Slide Viewerilluminated and has a 2x magnification. You can use it as a hand held or table top viewer. At well under $20, this is a perfect viewer to get the job done! If you have a lot of slides to scan, pick up two or more and invite your family over to help sort the slides. It will be a fun way to get the job done!

This unit runs on 2 AA batteries, but if you plan to do a lot of slide viewing, you will probably want to get theĀ Pana-Vue Transformer so you can plug it into a standard outlet and save on the batteries! With both the slide viewer and the AC adapter, you are still spending less than $30 - quite a bargain!

Next we will look at a 35mm slide viewer that is a bit larger, but it would be perfect for large batches of slides. The Kaiser Diascop 3 Slide Viewer - Kaiser 202005 runs on 3 C batteries our you can get an optional power supply. *Note - the Pana-Vue Transformer listed above will NOT work with this viewer. Amazon shows it as an option, but consumer reviewers indicate that it will not work with this slide viewer. The viewer is made to use on a tabletop and offers a 3x magnification. At just under $60, this 35mm slide viewer is higher priced than the one above, but it is still a consumer favorite!

Finally, we will look at the Logan Electric Slide Viewer. This 35mm slide viewer is basically a light box on an easel. With racks for holding up to 40 slides, this unit allows you to quickly view a large quantity of slides at once. There is no magnification, so you may need to us a magnifying glass or very good eyes to view the slides! However, it is a good way to look at a large number of slides quickly.

When it comes to finding the perfect 35mm slide viewer, there are many options. Could one be right for you?

Buy a 35mm Slide Viewer:

Pana-Vue 2 Illuminated Slide Viewer Pana-Vue 2 Illuminated Slide Viewer
Kaiser 202011 DIASCOP Mini 2x Slide Viewer Kaiser 202011 DIASCOP Mini 2x Slide Viewer
Pana-Vue 2 Illuminated Slide Viewer + AA Batteries + MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth Pana-Vue 2 Illuminated Slide Viewer + AA Batteries + MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth


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